OxPens is the publishing arm of the Oxford Writers’ Group.
Members of the group have written five collections of short stories.
All of the stories are set in Oxford itself or in the county of Oxfordshire.
You will find details of each of the anthologies on this website.

Colin Dexter with members of the Oxford Writers’ Group
at the launch of The Midnight Press

Artist Valerie Petts has captured the lyrical beauty of the City of Dreaming Spires on all four covers of our anthologies. OxPens are grateful to Valerie for allowing us to use some of her watercolours which feature regularly in the Oxford Times magazine, Limited Edition. She is a member of the Oxford Art Society and has exhibited her work throughout England as well as Cape Town and Tokyo.

OxPens also publishes fiction and non-fiction books by Oxford Writers’ Group authors. You will find details of these under Other Publications.

OxPens and the members of the Oxford Writers’ Group were fortunate in having had a good friend in Colin Dexter, O.B.E. whose Inspector Morse novels have world-wide acclaim. He said:

“It has pleased me enormously that a group of writers, some by now familiar names and some new voices have combined forces, for the fourth book in this series, to present to us another splendid arrangement of original Oxford short stories. An undoubted reason for the continued success of these ventures has been the talents of our individual contributors.”

Colin, who sadly died recently, will be greatly missed by all the members of the Oxford Writers’ Group.

Another splendid collection of original Oxford short stories
We have loved selling the Oxford Writers’ collections … jump in and enjoy!
These delightful short stories are a perfect way to celebrate Oxford
We couldn’t possibly have imagined its immense popularity … what a book!

colin-dexter-260x260Colin Dexter OBE
Author of Inspector Morse


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