In The Line of Duty

“An accomplished novel that finds an intriguingly
different way to address the First World War in fiction.”

Nicola Slade

By Heather Rosser


April 1914: War clouds gather over Europe and two families collide after a tragic death.

Torn between duty and his own desires, William enlists as a seaplane pilot. His Welsh fiancée, Lottie, dutifully stays at home after her sister runs away with a soldier. In London William’s mother, Alice, immerses herself in war work but, when confronted with an illegitimate baby, Alice’s personal war is just beginning. Serving one’s country and pressures to enlist are a dark contrast to romantic love.  White feather incidents in London and Llandudno highlight different perceptions of courage and cowardice.

Can William survive the shame of being accused of cowardice?


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398 pages